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Dr. Daryoush Aryaee and his brother, Mr. Mike (Mohammad) Aryaee, had started their commercial activities since 2005 in Canada and advanced in different fields successfully proceeding import and export of various products from well-known suppliers around the globe. With advancement of new technologies, Aryaee Brothers developed related activities as well and developed their business in the amazing world of electronics, telecommunication and entertainment, focused on Canada and USA market. Canamax as a young member of the group has established in 2006 and is now one of the main distributers of telecommunication, electronics, entertainment and home appliances from major manufacturers around the globe. Diversity of products in accordance with the customer requirement is the key to success of this brand in North America. Canamax follows its customers with uninterrupted connection, informative activities and helping to increase customer knowledge in all levels of purchase, application and after sale services.